Alexis:  September 
Alexis: June 
Andrew:  September
Andrew:  June

Enri:  September 
Lots of fish are in the water.
It was a sunny day.  I was riding my jet to the beach.

Enri: February 
This is the 1st page of Enri's book. Click here to see the ENTIRE book!

Alex:  September 
We are going to decorate my room in stars and moons.

Alex:  March 
On March 17, we asked Alex to write the same thing that she had written in September, so that she could see how much she had grown as a writer.  
More Independent Writing Samples 

William: September 
I am playing baseball.

William: May

NOTE:  The May samples that follow are congratulatory letters to our principal, Glenn Batdorf, who received an excellence award.
Dear Mr. Batdorf,
I am glad I am staying for first grade.  Congratulations!

Matt: September 

Matt: May

The fireballs are hitting the spaceship.
Dear Mr. Batdorf,
Congratulations!  I wish I could get you a present, but my mom won't let me.

Michael: September 

Michael: May 
Dear Mr. Batdorf,
I wish I didn't have to go to (name of new school) because this school is the best school in the world.
Note:  The brown dots at the top of the page represent Mike's writing in September. 
The volcano exploded and hot lava came out.
The ghost is scaring people.
I wish my mom would have a baby boy because there are already three girls in my house.
I was looking up to the sun.
I am singing a song.  I't's called "Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams.  Let it wash away my sanity."

Kylie:  September 

Kylie:  April 
My mom is skating.
Funny Leprechaun
    A leprechaun was eating a piece of pepperoni pizza with pepperoni and it made the leprechaun's mouth hot.  He jumped up and ran to the sink to get a glass of water.

Deborah:  September 

Deborah:  May
I am swimming in a swimming pool.
The Silkworms
Ths silkworms eat a lot of mulberry leaves.  They are gentle caterpillars.  They will spin a cocoon.  When they come out, they will be moths.

Paige: September 

Paige: May 
Dear Mr. Batdorf,
You are the best principal in the whole entire world!
I am walkiing to my cousin's house.