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Crown Ideas
It's important to print only the
word that the crown is meant to reinforce!  For example, although you will use the term "fuzz of was"
when talking about the crown ("Go and look at the fuzz of
  was" ) do not write "Fuzz of was" on the crown.  Write      only the word "was" using print which models the
            print you'd like the children to use!
Kid Crowns
Many thanks to Tony Roda, art director of Weber Advertising and Marketing.  Tony's mom is a teacher in Lancaster, PA.  Tony created new Kid Crown images for his mom and for Kid Writing teachers everywhere. 

Tony recommends that you copy the images individually, by right clicking, then copying.  You can then paste them onto Claris, Word, Print Shop and other similar programs.

To make simple Kid Crowns, simply print out and glue each image onto a 4 or 5 inch wide strip of construction paper, long enough to fit around the children's heads and stapled at the ends.

Please remember to introduce the crowns gradually - not all at once.  You may also find it helpful to send home miniature copies of the pictures with each child as they are introduced.

You'll find the images at Tony's site.

Please be sure to read Kid Writing before using these crowns. 
It's important to understand the philosophy and techniques behind this exciting approach to early literacy!

Please note: The 1st edition is out of print.  You will receive the (new and improved) 2nd edition!
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King of ing
Wiz of is
Star of are
Gent of went
Hen of then
Paw of saw
Their Bear
Power of our

Sir of were
Head of said
Bat of that
Bear of there
Kiss of this
Dove of of or Love of of
Fuzz of was or Buzz of was
Suggested Kid Crowns(available at Tony's site)
A few other suggestions:
Ball of all, Door of or, Shoe of to, Hay of they, and Deer of here.