Tune:  I'm So Excited!  by the Pointer Sisters
I'm so excited...
Because I'm writing
I'm about to write my thoughts and I think I like it!

I'm so excited...
Because I'm writing
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
I want to .....KID WRITE!

Words by Nancy Kahn
kindergarten teacher
Bridle Path Elementary School
North Penn School District
Lansdale, PA

"I attended the KSRA conference in October and heard Eileen speak about Kid Writing.  I was very excited to buy the book and share the information with the kindergarten teachers in my building.  I had been working in their rooms once a week to help with writing, and the Kid Writing ideas really helped us to gain direction.  Nancy Kahn, one of the kindergarten teachers, and I were just so amazed at what the kids were doing.  We kept saying, "I'm so excited". We taught the kids the song and sang it each week when I went into the classroom to help with Kid Writing...."

Kris Garis, reading specialist
Bridle Path Elementary...May 14, 2000