What do teachers and administrators have to say about Kid Writing ?
Kid Writing has transformed my thinking about children's ability to write in a kindergarten classroom.  I love that children become involved in creating the classroom print and therefore, experience ownership of their environment.  Children learn to write with freedom when their risk-taking is praised and celebrated.  I also love that the children's writing drives the instruction and that each child progresses at his own pace.

Kid Writing has become a wonderful tool for me that maps out, through sample lessons, how to teach Writing Workshop. The book has an easy-to-read format with lots of examples of children's work.  It is based on research and an understanding of children's literacy development.  Each time I reread the book, I gain new ideas and an enhanced sense of confidence to teach Kid Writing.

Deborah Zakowski
Kindergarten Teacher
Central Falls, Rhode Island
I used your book last year with my kindergarten class and was thrilled with the results!  I had more children reading and writing than ever before.  I presented the Reading/Writing connection module for the Alabama Reading Initiative for three schools.  I did a Power Point presentation with many samples of my children's writing.  All the teachers were amazed at the level of development of my students.  I told the teachers that if they could only get one book to help them with writing in their classroom, KID WRITING is the one!

I plan on talking to my curriculum director to see if I can present to our system's K/1 teachers and possibly get the book for all the teachers who attend.  I am so excited about this book and your innovative ways to get kids writing.

Nancy Bell
Lincoln Elementary/AL 

This year I started right away using Kid Writing from the Wright Group.  The program sounds so massive, but it's actually a book that I purchased for around $20.  Every day, my children write in their journals. The results are nothing short of amazing.  I can't say enough good things about it!

Cindy Koopmans
...I suppose this is as good a time as any to tell you that I think KID WRITING is a work of genius, that everyone associated with its implementation in our kindergartens loves it and recognizes that it has made a huge difference in the literacy development of our kindergarteners.....

Trudie Engel
Phillipsburg, Osceola
School District

I just HAD to write and tell you how wonderful your Kid Writing book is!  I was finally able to order the book and I can't wait for school to start!  The "magic line" idea is my favorite.   I am sooo impressed with the height your children reach!   Thanks for a wonderful book, for inspiration and for touching so many children's lives!     

Ann in Illinois  
(A truly devoted Kid Writing Fan)                 
I am a first grade teacher going to K.  This year I used Kid Writing in my class.  It is the most positive way of teaching writing that I have ever come across.  My first graders have never felt any pressure.  It has been a great year and I fully intend to use it when I teach K next year.  Kid Writing is developmentally appropriate.  It takes children from where they are and allows them to move at their own pace.

Kathy Eaton
I waited for over a year for Kid Writing and it was well worth the wait!  I am spreading the word to every early childhood teacher I know!  It is wonderfully written and a valuable resource.  It also supports my beliefs of how young children learn best.  I have been teaching for 31 years, and this is truly one of the best resources I have ever had.  I buy lots of professional books and I highly recommend Kid Writing to my colleagues.

Rosemary Lightbown
Ashton School
130 Scott Road
Cumberland, RI  02864

Is there anybody else out there who has embraced Kid Writing and found yourself amazed at the writing your children are doing?  I would never have thought this possible at this point in the year!  And I even like doing it with them!  Before this year, I would rather have sat on a cactus than have done any kind of journal witing with my class.  But now I find myself looking forward to our writers workshop every day....It's the best new thing I've done this year!  It was great to share their journals with parents at conference time, too.  It really gave parents some good information about where their children are right now.  I'm really anxious to see where we'll be in June!

Laura Meegan
I was so motivated while reading Kid Writing that I started incorporating the program immediately, even though it was midyear.  The results have been astounding!  No matter the skill level, each child has been successful.  Already the writing skills are evident in other areas of our curriculum.

Susan Bruckner
Asheville, North Carolina
I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your book Kid Writing.  I am fortunate to be in the position where I am able to develop my own curriculum and assessments, and believe me - Kid Writing is at the center of our curriculum.  Our class loves writing workshop.  It's exciting to see the progress in their creativity, and to watch them develop into confident writers.  Your book gave me so many cute and creative ideas for our writer's workshop and journal time.

Good PR is so important when displaying "kid writing".  I use your examples from page 12 to explain the process of our writing, and post it next to their work in the hallway.  Educating parents is part of our job and Kid Writing gives great suggestions on creative ways to do this.  Thanks again for a wonderful book!

Susan Edge
Westbury Methodist Day School
Houston, Texas
I have enjoyed your book immensely!  What a well written and easy to understand text.  I have never seen such writing in my Kinders as I have this year.  The first grade teachers are watching with amazement and delight.  Most of my children come to school unable to recognize their own name, let alone any letters.  They are writing beautifully!  Thank you so much for this wonderful,
developmentally appropriate contribution to children's literacy learning.

Gail Bell
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Kid Writing shows extraordinary results!  We were amazed with the progress the students have made using this approach. Kid Writing enables teachers to make the transition from traditional phonics workbook-based classrooms to dynamic classrooms!

From day one, the students have shown consistent and continued success in all early literacy areas.  Letter recognition and letter-sound production has improved tremendously.  By November, 100 % of the students could identify 95-100% of all letters and letter sounds.  Throughout the year, we have also seen improvements in both oral and written vocabulary as well as in conventional writing and spelling.  Kid Writing enables students to make the connection between speech sounds and sound-spelling relationships.

This approach teaches children that the purpose for learning letters and sounds is functional rather than a set of "Letter of the Week" isolated skills.  We are extremely pleased with the Kid Writing approach to learning early literacy and would highly recommend implementing this program into any early childhood education environment!

Tom Dando, Assistant Elementary Principal
Janice Kimmel, Kindergarten Teacher  (mkimmel@pottsville.k12.pa.us)
John S. Clarke Elementary Center
Pottsville, PA

I had to share this with you because it gave me goose bumps and I hope it gives you some as well.  I teach in Norristown and Eileen Feldgus trained me in Kid Writing.  I teach the severely emotionally disturbed class - grades K, 1, 2, and 3.  I have absolutely loved your ideas and program.  It has given my students incredible self esteem and made them see themselves as authors - even with their learning disablities, emotional and behavioral issues.  They always look forward to Kid Writing time and rarely do I have a student have a behavioral episode during this time.  Additionally, it has served as a venue for students to express their feelings in a safe, comfortable way.

Today has "taken the cake"!  We had field day - no academic work all day.  We had lunch in the classroom after a full morning of games and fun.  When finished their meal, 4 students ASKED if they could PLEASE do their kid writing INSTEAD of having some free time.  I just looked at them and said "YES"!

Eve Deitz
Paul V. Fly Elementary School
Norristown, PA
I am a special education teacher in a suburb of Detroit, MI.  I have been teaching special education for almost 10 years now, and the most pressing challenge in educating my little ones is reading and WRITING.

I have been teaching K-1 for 2 years and I had no idea how to even begin to teach writing.  I always struggled, never knowing the first step.  In-service after in-service kept telling me how to expand students who were already writing, but mine were far from writing.  They had so many more obstacles than typical children- fine motor difficulties, anxiety issues, sensory issues, cognitive issues (for some).  But this year, I found your book after searching online and I read it immediately.  I implemented it into my classroom and saw results in a month.  My students with Cognitive Impairments, Learning Disabilities, Speech/Language Impairments and Autism Spectrum Disorder were WRITING and they CHEERED whenever I mentioned that journal was on our schedule for the day.

Within a few more months, I witnessed something else that makes every special education teacher turn cartwheels - I began to see improvements in my students' reading skills as a byproduct of their improved writing skills.

My teacher's aide and the parents of my students are all amazed, and I give your book all the credit.  I have recommended it numerous times and I will continue to.  I swear by your methods. 

A very thankful teacher,

Faith Shinaver
Roseville Community Schools
Roseville, MI